Walmart Launched Its Personalized Shopping Service Jetblack in New York

Published By : 01 Jun 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Walmart has come out with its first results from an experiment that involves enhancing shopping scenarios, in the form of an exciting tech incubator. This incubator called Store no. 8 has just launched Jetblack, which is a concierge style service.

More Information about Jetblack

The concierge-style service focusses on requesting commodities and receiving them substantially quick. During its initial stages, the project was called Code Eight. However, users need to get their hands on an invite first, if they want to shop from Jetblack. Currently, the service is very limited to customers in Manhattan and Brooklyn, wherein restrictions have been placed on sales too. This eight month pilot program will be restricted to buildings with a doorman only, although plans to expand are in motion.  A waitlist is also now available for shoppers.

To use the service, users need to shell out at least US$50 per month, which is considerably less than its competitors, and promises same-day delivery. Jetblack is focusing more on time-strapped urban parents who are looking more efficient ways to shop for themselves and their families. Users who want to shop through Jetblack need to send a text message, after which they will receive back product recommendations in text. These recommendations are pulled out from Walmart,, as well as from local specialty retailers.

Providing specific products to users, delivering commodities on time, and ensuring that every person received utmost essentials without delay are three aspects, wherein Jetblack imparts maximum focus. According to Jetblack co-founder and CEO Jenny Fliess, consumers are looking forwards to new and efficient ways for shopping, without compromising on product quality. And this is exactly where Jetblack provides extensive potential to users. Such potential can facilitated by creating a new concept that enables customers to order exactly what they need through convenience of text messaging and freedom of choosing through an extensive product catalogue.

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