Wal-Mart Filling Empty Shelves at Lower Prices

Published By : 16 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Wal-Mart Stores have acknowledged the previous year that it had huge problems to solve in the U.S. grocery trade. The customers thought that its fresh food was not appealing and generally found vacant shelves because of the problems faced by the supply chain. Additionally, peers had initiated to weaken the retail biggie on prices.

In the drop, Wal-Mart published an ‘urgent agenda’ memo to the U.S. store managers that set guidelines focused on propelling sales of fresh and chilled food. But this was just one part of the Walmart’s CEO in the U.S. Mr. Greg Foran’s big thrust to enhance the in-store experience for the shoppers at a time of harsh comparable store sales for the division that brought in US$288 billion in the revenue generated in the last year, or 60% of the firm’s overall.

Walmart in the U.S. has paved together two straight quarters of similar store sales growth whereas more shoppers came into the stores between the holiday quarters, breaking an almost two-year streak of declines.

But Mr. Foran, who became the Walmart head in the U.S. in the previous summer after heading the Asia region, has frequently stated the retailer has a lot of work to do to ensure that renewed growth holds. That is all the more demanding because of how hostile target has been on product selection and pricing, and how rapidly dollar stores such as Dollar General have expanded and encroached on the turf of Walmart.
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