Volkswagen Dealers Continue to Struggle with Sale

Published By : 09 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Dealers of Volkswagen vehicles are preparing for another month of declining sale after the sales across the U.S. slumped by 25% in November 2015. The company managed the crisis in October with flat sales after the news of diesel emissions scandal came in. Around the same time, dealers were hopeful about the sale they would be able to make with help from the factory. VW of America CEO Michael Horn earned a standing ovation for the help at the national meeting of VW. 

However, as VW continues to fail its dealers and the sales are dropping with each passing month, dealers are starting to get agitated with the frustrations of poor business. The dealers are growing frustrated with no solution, shortage of inventory, and potential new-car sales pain. 

Alan Brown, co-owner of two Hendrick Volkswagen dealerships, Dallas and chairman of VW's dealer council stated that things have only got worse with time. He further added that there is no solution and there is no plan. The uncertainty of it all is adding to the anxiety of the dealers.

The internal probe at Volkswagen has yet not clarified the origin of the scandal and the involvement of the people. In the meantime, allegations against German executives continued. It also led to suspension of Ulrich Hackenberg from Audi's chief engineer due to this scandal. 

VW is eagerly waiting for regulatory approval in the States that will allow the company to get back its diesels as per compliance. Horn added that VW will cooperate with regulators along with planning a solution to fix the current situation.

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