Volkswagen Bus to Comeback as Electric Vehicle

Published By : 20 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The “hippie wagon” an icon from Volkswagen is going to have a makeover soon. The news was announced at the New York Auto Show about the German automobile maker’s plan of launching a brand new camping vehicle. As per the announcement, the vehicle would run on batteries and not on petrol complemented with electric motor to propel the front wheels.

As per the announcement from Volkswagen, the new vehicle would keep the iconic three designs principles that were part of the original vehicle introduced in Germany in 1950. The three design principles to be included are; solid wide D-pillar, the centre section with the box design, and the front end to have a short overhang. Keeping with the original design principles, the distance between front end and A-pillar should be short.

Prior to this, the company gave thrust to another electric vehicle project called the ‘Bulli’ which was also inspired by the Type 2 microbus. The vehicle had features more like a small van than a micro bus having four hinged doors and two bench seats one in the front and the other in the rear of the vehicle to be folded as kind of bed. 

The Camper, as it is called for the new launch for Volkswagen includes a small home which is mobile, kitchen equipment which is optional to choose, and canvas tents and awnings that are detachable as well. The vehicle also features seats that can be folded into beds, foldable table, and a refrigeration unit. 
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