Voice Powered Ring Showcased by Hong-Kong based Origami Labs

Published By : 06 Sep 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Origami Labs is planning to bring in voice assistants right up to the users’ ears without requiring them to wear a device like a Bluetooth headset or Apple AirPods. The company is planning to make this possible by using a ring that needs to be worn by users on their fingers. The ring will be equipped with bone conduction technology to allow users to utilize their respective smartphones’ built-in assistant, in an all-new trendy way.

More Insights about the New Ring Technology by Origami Labs

The device called the Orii is a smart ring that works with an app on users’ phones. They need to physically touch their fingers to their ears to either speak to or listen to their respective voice assistants. The bone conduction technology allows users to hear sounds through the vibration of bones by passing through the entire face, rather by bypassing the outer and middle ears to stimulate the inner ear directly.

By using Orii, users can efficiently listen to their text messages, send a WhatsApp message to a friend, take a phone call, get information like the time or weather, use reminders, and do anything else that Siri or Google Assistant can do. The ring alerts users with a vibration, so that they can get a sign when they need to speak into the microphone or listen to someone else speak by raising their fingers to their ears.

The company presented its device on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018, after winning a “wildcard” spot that allowed them to enter the Startup Battlefield competition. The Hong Kong-based startup was founded by Marcus Leung-Shea and Kevin Wong in 2015. The company is also working towards integrating Alexa in its devices. The first version of Orii is all set to be shipped to its early buyers who had paid $99 to $150 for the device.

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