Vodafone India Declare new Maternity Leave Plan

Published By : 11 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Telecom service provider Vodafone’s India subsidiary has announced a new maternity plan that gives paid maternity leave for a duration of 16 weeks, paternity leave of one working week, and 6 hours work duration everyday for 6 months after return from maternity for better child care. 

A statement published by the company to shed light on the new changes in company’s maternity leave policy state that the extended maternity leave period and the shortened work hours per week, making the new upper limit of only 30 hours a week, will help the transition of returning mothers in the workplace more comfortable. The new policy will also allow mothers in attending and nursing their newborns more properly. The paternity leave will help develop a better father child bond as the father will be able to stay with the child in the early days of development. 

Many Vodafone subsidiaries already offer good maternity care policies, which will continue to be followed as before. 

Vodafone has also announced the outcome of worldwide analysis from the KPMG report, which indicates that businesses could end up saving near to US$19 billion every year by providing 16 weeks of fully paid maternity leaves to female employees. The KPMC report also mentions that that the cost incurred for training and recruitment of new employees in a process to replace the women who get out of the workforce after giving birth to a count to nearly US$47 billion every year. 

On the other hand, the costs incurred by offering 16 weeks of completely paid maternity leave rather than the usual minimum norm would cost companies additional costs of up to US$28 billion each year. If businesses are able to retain more women employees after their maternity leave period could help them save as much as US$19 billion every year, plus the knowledge and experience of old employees with positive results in terms of effectiveness and productivity can come across as a huge plus. 
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