Virtual Homes Intended to Help Prepare Patients to Take Care of Themselves After they Return Home

Published By : 02 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The room practically rotates. You can simply stand there to witness the walls, furniture, and shelves circling before your eyes. The bed that the room has is decorated with throw pillow passes. The kitchen is not stoic either, it approaches. You need not walk to the kitchen to heat your food in the microwave, since the microwave juts out of a shelf that will come close enough so that you can touch it. If you are looking for the refrigerator it is standing right behind you. Do you want to walk out of the room? No worries you need not take a step to walk towards the door since it will inch closer so that you may pass through. And as for the frames, it recedes as well and now you enter another room which also has the ghost furniture that you will be tempted to touch. 

The explanation above can trigger an uneasy sensation in you. You can actually feel walking across the room, walking out, and moving about the room but with your legs remaining still at the place that it was. This is achievable because you will be wearing what is called “active stereo glasses” that will enable you to see the world around you in 3D. This is a new technology that has been evolved keeping in mind the requirements of patients. 

When asked how the technology can be of any help, Gail Casper, the senior scientist as UW School of Nursing and director of vizHOME project replied that it has become increasingly important for patients to know how to take care of themselves at home after they are discharged from the hospital. Most of the time healthcare providers remain unaware of what a patient might encounter ones he or she reaches home. With virtual homes the healthcare professionals are hoping that they can recreate a homely environment to help prepare patients to take care of themselves when they are at home. Through this technology the healthcare service providers will be able to recreate a detailed virtual model of the places that the patients live in.
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