Virtual and Augmented Reality Gaming Technologies: Still at Nascent Stages

Published By : 18 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Virtual and augmented reality gaming have been predicted to emerge as the upcoming key revolution in video gaming. The next deciding year for this technology will be 2016 owing to the fact that a series of long-awaited headsets will be introduced in the market. It is predicted that the virtual reality headsets will dominate the upcoming generation of video gaming devices and will gain major adoption by 2019. 

  • Barriers in Both the Technologies: This technology targets at developing an immersive experience that is far more reliable for gaming purposes. Both augmented reality and virtual reality technology accompany a number of hurdles that they still need to overcome. The key challenge is that that they still need to make compelling content in order to make this technology a value-added investment for all its consumers.
  • Grey Areas of 3D TV Technology Need to be Filled: Virtual reality is actually an extension of the 3D technology. Thus virtual reality needs to overcome the grey areas of 3D TVs that impeded these types of TVs from becoming mainstream. 
  • Success of New Products in 2016 – A Crucial Indicator for Future Success: The augmented and virtual reality headsets market exhausted the majority of 2015 in merely developing the products. But, in 2016, a large number of product introductions will be there and the success of these product launches will stand as the main indicator to predict the future of these technologies.
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies: Mainstream Demand Post 2017: The first generation of augmented and virtual reality products will include costly devices to be used by gaming enthusiasts. This is why, the market for augmented and virtual reality technologies will only expedite after 2017 i.e. sometime between 2018 and 2019 when more economically priced products will be introduced in the market, thus increasing consumer demand.

Although both these technologies will grow gradually, still the augmented reality technology is still an emerging part of the internet of things and many aspects of this technology will be utilized in mobile platforms and its effect on the gaming world will relatively be marginal in comparison with virtual reality. Thus, by filling the gaps of the already present technologies and by reducing the prices of products being introduced in the future, the market of virtual and augmented reality technologies may gain profits in forthcoming years.

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