Vikings Stadium Construction is on Track

Published By : 16 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Lester Bagley has announced that the construction of the new Vikings stadium is on schedule. He said that they picked the right time to start, as construction prices have gone up currently. Lester is the executive vice president for the Vikings and handles public affairs and stadium development.

The initial budget cost of the stadium was US$975 million. Of the total amount, public funding brought in US$498 million. While construction prices have been on the rise, public funding stayed stagnant. The end cost was US$1.027 billion, in which the Wilf family had to put in an extra US$52 million to make up for the difference.

Another US$2.4 million was added by the Vikings to again meet the rising construction costs. According to speculation, the Vikings might have to add US$22 million to the original sum if they wish to have a first-class stadium before its inauguration in 2016.

Leonard Wilf, Mark, and Zygi, the owners of the Vikings, have remained strong in their assertion that they will have the best stadium in the NFL by signing checks without complaints. Bagley maintains that the team has done a good job in keeping up with the construction costs.

Bagley added that they were rather fortunate. There have been certain obstacles in the current market, most regarding the prices of cement and other materials. Despite that, the team has entered the project at the correct time.

Bagley also said that the Vikings will have no problems filling the seats after playing for two years at the much smaller TCF Bank Stadium. He said there are no weather problems now and the stadium will be connected by a skyway.
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