Vietnam Government Appreciates Adventist Volunteers for their Healthcare and Public Service Initiatives

Published By : 08 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Volunteers who participated in the program called ‘One Year in Mission’ are attracting much praise from the government in Ho Chi Minh City – the biggest city in Vietnam. 

The volunteers from the Seventh-day Adventist have also received certificate of appreciation from the government for their active participation in the community outreach program in the city of Ho Chi Minh over the summer. District leaders who were present during the felicitation ceremony, cited the efforts of the volunteer as a positive contribution towards the health and wellbeing of the local residents in the city. 

During the initiative there were even instances when volunteers in One Year in Mission carried elderly men from their home and neighborhood to the free clinic they organized in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City. 

This community service initiative was developed by the volunteers over the past year. Free dental and medical checks as well as free haircuts were also offered on a special healthcare day during the event. Back massages were also offered to elderly at a free clinic, which was co-organized by the volunteers with the local government officials. The dental checks clinics, which already became much popular when Adventist free clinics were organized in the United States, and the back massage clinics were particularly available for residents of the city of Ho Chi Minh, as said by organizers. 

Another project taken up by the group was cleaning outdoor market areas and railroad, which they implemented in association with local government officials. They Adventist volunteers also organized events to distribute school supplies to the disadvantaged children. 

National television also featured reports about the healthcare event organized by the group and the initiative they took to distribute school supplies to young people who needed them. The volunteers also associated with two of the local government agencies to fuel several initiatives, including street clean-ups and free health clinics.

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