Vaizey asks for Tech Firms to Meet Politicians Halfway over Encryption

Published By : 10 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The controversial comments of Mr. David Cameron on if the government should allow the utilization of strong encryption technology for anti-surveillance reasons have been defended by the minister for culture and the digital economy, Mr. Ed Vaizey.

Mr. Vaizey asked the technology firms to convene politicians halfway on sensitive issues concerning privacy and internet security, rather than to react furiously with allegation that politicians don’t understand the technology.

He also said that politicians imitate the views of society and to technology, organizations must listen. He said that he knows that it is the style for politicians to be self-deprecating and tell how utterly hopeless they all are, but just as the dispute was not to vote for technologically uneducated politicians, the dispute for the tech market is also to meet politicians midway. Politicians do replicate the concerns of society as tech becomes ever more common. 

So the prime minister is allowed to state that they have a very modern and advanced technology market and encryption and so on the one hand he want to encourage those markets and he want a successful technological economy, but he also have a duty as prime minister to keep the citizens of the nation as safe as possible and he required to meet somewhere in the middle and talk about this issue.
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