USDA Spreading Awareness among Parents by Providing Food Safety Tips

Published By : 24 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) from time to time offers food safety advice. Recently, the USDA with a colorful infographic has provided back-to-school food safety tips aimed to help parents pack their children’s lunch. According to the food safety tips infographic, around 50% of the estimated 42,000 annual Salmonella bacteria infections, are of infants and school-age children. This emphasizes on the importance of food safety and hygiene for packing a child’s school lunch. Let us take a look at what these food safety tips are.

Frozen water or juice boxes can work as a freezer packs. By the time the lunch hour arrives, these liquids will unfreeze and be ready to drink. If a lunch or snack pack has perishable foods such as eggs, luncheon meats, yogurt, or cheese, then parents need to make sure that this pack includes at least two cold sources.

The USDA’s other tips talk about packing food. If parents are packing a lunch that has perishable food then it needs to be done in a soft sided lunch bag or in an insulated lunchbox. In case packing a hot lunch, then parents should include ingredients such as chili, soup, or stew in an insulated container to maintain its temperature. Parents can fill the container first with boiling water and then after few minutes remove the water and put the piping hot food.

If parents are packing the lunch the night before, then they need to leave it overnight in the refrigerator. If possible, the lunch needs to store in a refrigerator and the lid of the lunch bag or box should be left open to allow cold air to better circulate and keep the food cold. After lunch, all the leftovers need to be discarded and packaging such as paper bags should not be reused as they can contaminate other foods or cause illness.
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