US-Switzerland Sign Agreement on Organic Trade

Published By : 03 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Recently a deal on organic standards was agreed by Switzerland and the United States. This deal is one of the latest in series of bi-lateral agreements cementing the international trade in organic commodities and bolstering the development of the market for organic food.

This unified market for organic food was supported by the international standards and criteria that could still be a distant prospect. However, the international trade in the organic produce was greatly facilitated by the equivalency agreements, which most of the recent deals signed between the Switzerland and the U.S.

This recent Swiss-US deal was after three years of negotiations between the two countries and overlooks the establishment of shared trading relationship in the organic produce. Previously, the Swiss producers were allowed to export to the United States by getting a US organic accreditation. However, as the Swiss certification body, which is a private sector organization grouping several Swiss organic farmers, called Bio Suisse did not allow the organic producers from the US to access the Swiss market.

This new deal will now provide an equal market access to organic producers from both the nations. Also, the organic product that are certified in the Switzerland or the U.S. will be now available for sale in both the countries. This will remove the need for a firm to undergo two different sets of inspection and also save time and money on all the processes and paperwork.

According to a senior trade advisor for the Organic Trade Associated in the U.S., this agreement is mutually beneficial and also much easier, simpler, and affordable. He said that this agreement will open up the consumer market of Swiss to the US organic brands and also bolster the trade in both the countries, especially in the sector of dairy products and commodity grains. 
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