U.S. Solar Sector ready to Takeoff

Published By : 11 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The industrial and commercial solar power market in the U.S. has not yet taken flight when compared to its residential sector and utility-scale solar sector in the past few years. However, due to many in the solar industry, this is just a potential opportunity.

The commercial and industrial sector for solar is quite strange due to many reasons, however, the shifting regulation, economics, and technology scenario appear to be generating enough new growth opportunities. In the United States, till now the solar developers along with the off takers of the power have focused more towards ground based, large installation or individual, smaller household level agreements in the residential space. Furthermore, corporate entities have been in a limbo as they have left acres of power generating roof space empty.

The part of the reason to overcome this challenge of commercial and industrial sector in solar market was due to establishing the economies of scale coupled with the relative ease of project financing which generate more megawatts as compared to the smaller commercial counterparts. On the contrary, creative financing framework, leasing options, and grouping of assets for sale to potential investors has supported the growth of the residential solar system growth.

According to the Executive Vice President of Sales and the Marketing Division based at Borrego Solar, David Meyers both of the residential and utility scale have exhibited a state of hockey stick growth curves. Nevertheless, much of the low hanging fruit has been picked and currently developers along with other solar market companies are looking for higher branches.
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