U.S. regulators Permit Amazon to Undertake Drone Tests

Published By : 20 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Amazon.com can test its delivery drone outdoors as well. The e-commerce giant has recently won the approval from the federal regulators of the U.S., clearing the company’s route to test one of the most innovative techniques ever adopted in the market of e-commerce. 

The company wanted to utilize the drones to send packages to its customers via air, even as the idea faces concerns about public safety and privacy.  The U.S.’s Federal Aviation Administration has said on Thursday that it has issued an experimental certification of airworthiness to Amazon and its prototype delivery drone, allowing the company to undertake test flights over rural, private land in Washington. 

The Federal Aviation Administration has also granted Amazon an exemption from restrictions of the other flight category so that it can conduct those flights. 

The approval is a big victory for the e-commerce company which is the largest e-commerce company of the United States, and will help the company in advancing its plans to deliver packages by making use of small aircrafts that are self piloted. 

However, there are certain limitations to the plan. The experimental flight license applies to only a particular type of drone and Amazon will have to gain new licenses it modifies the object or wants to fly a different version of the product. 

This will make it difficult to adapt the model easily in the actual field. Amazon’s appeal for the permission indicates that the company was also testing several versions of a drone in an indoor facility at Seattle. 

Amazon will also be required to keep the flights below 120 meters and keep the drone in sight at all times. 
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