US Plans to Return to South China Sea post Warship Visit to Patrol Unlawful Construction in the Waters

Published By : 03 Oct 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The U.S. revealed its plans of returning back to the disputed areas of the South China Sea, with the statement from a top military commander endorsing such undertakings that were earlier conducted worldwide in the last many decades.

Prior to this, last week, the sailing of a U.S warship in an area angered Beijing, which forced it to issue a warning against any such activity. As stated by a U.S. spokesperson, these moves are for patrol purpose only and should come as a surprise to anyone. A similar statement was earlier given by an U.S. official, which states that similar patrols would be conducted at least twice in every quarter.

As an action from Air Force One, USS Lassen, the guided-missile destroyer breached the 12-nautical mile area claimed by China, which are located in the Mischief and Subi reefs in the Spratly archipelago.

As further stated by an official of the U.S Pacific Command at the Peking University, the U.S. forces have been conducting navigation operations freely around the world for many decades, as such, such moves should not surprise anyone. He further stated that the U.S. military will continue flying, sailing, and operations abiding by the international laws wherever it is allowed. In this regard, the South China Sea is not an exception, and will not be an exception to refrain from patrolling. The U.S. official further added that operations which are regarded to be routine should never be regarded as a threat for any nation.

The remarks from the U.S defense officials came a day later, when the deputy national security adviser in the U.S. stated that it was in the interest of the ensure it had the freedom to navigate in the South China Sea. The event was organized by Defense One, at which the official quoted the audience to expect more of such demonstrations.

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