U.S. Faces Space Capability Related Threats From Russia and China

Published By : 11 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Recently, the space security system of the U.S. witnessed grave threat from countries such as Russia and China that have developed advanced technologies and mechanisms for disrupting satellite operations and communications. According to Cecil D. Haney, the Navy Admiral, this is a major reason why the space systems of the U.S. are facing rising threat. 

Both, Russia and China have acknowledged that they are currently engaged in developing and have even developed several counter space capacities. Both these nations have directed their energy capabilities which can be used for tracking and in some cases, blinding satellites, thereby stopping some of the key operations. Several countries besides China and Russia are constantly working towards taking away the strategic advantages that the U.S. has in space via military jamming capacities that interfere with GPS and satellite communications. China, in fact, has declared publicly that its aim over the next ten years is to surpass the space capabilities of each and every nation. China plans on doing this by investing huge funds towards expanding the platforms in each and every orbital regime. 

Space is of prime importance in the 21st century are of deterrence that depends immensely on understanding the steps being taken by the enemies. The admiral also stated that in order to stop the adversaries from extending threats to the U.S. space capabilities, it is of utmost importance to get a clear idea about the their respective capabilities and also clarify that the adversaries will not gain any advantage if they aim at carrying out attacks in space.
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