US and Australian Navy Works Together to Search for Alternative Fuels

Published By : 27 Aug 2012 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The US and the Australian Navy joined forces to look out for the alternative fuel sources. In order to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels, the US Navy recently signed an agreement with Australian Navy to search for alternative fuels in order to fulfill the increasing energy demands of their countries. 

Ray Gigg, Vice Admiral, AO, RAN, CSC and Ray Mabus, US Secretary, Navy, signed the statement of cooperation. This statement acknowledged the benefits of alternative fuels and depicted the importance of this joint venture with respect to national security. 

Tim Barrett, Rear Admiral and Fleet Commander of RAN, described that this project displays tremendous potential, at the signing ceremony. He further focused on biofuels and their higher costs and responsibility of every individual towards environmental awareness. The US Navy aims to include the fleet of warships power-driven by these explored alternative fuels by 2016. It is considered to be one of the most important moves of US military to shift to renewable energy and decrease the reliance on fossil fuels. 

Ray Mabus said that US is more dependent on non-renewable and depleting sources of energy for fulfilling their energy requirements and now they are facing numerous challenges like tremendous rise in prices, insufficient availability of fossil fuels among others. With the continuously rising oil prices, there is now need to search for renewable alternative fuels.
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