US$ 1.2 Million Gained by Dutch UNI Spinout for Zero Ink Printing Tech

Published By : 13 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A spinout from the Delft Technology University in Netherlands called Tocano, is expected to work on an inkless printing technology, and has gained about US$1.2 mn in an angel round. This funding is expected to make the company reach its next developmental stage in technology and move a step closer to build its first commercial product.

More Information about Funds Received by Tocano from Netherlands

The startup was first established by Venkatesh Chandrasekar, along with his fellow student Van der Veen in 2015, after receiving a lot of encouragement from the University. At least eight employees are now present in the company’s team in current times.

He technology developed by Tocano, which is called inkless printing is highly eco-friendly, as users don’t need to use ink-saturated paper, and even thermal-coated paper. Rather, the company makes use of an infrared laser to burn paper’s surface, so that carbonization is being used to print the medium. The company claims that they can produce black and white printing. However, the technology is still in its early stages.

The angel funding round is expected to make the company increase the level of competition in a market that has been attracting substantial attention from prospective businesses as well as consumers. According to the company, the money acquired through the angel round would be used to develop the technology, in order to establish themselves properly in the market. The company is also aiming to perfect its laser carbonization technique, in order to print without much expense.

As per Tocano, the first product will be aimed at industrial users mainly for packaging and labelling of cases that involve printing barcodes, shelf life data, and product codes on both the labels and package surface. The company is expected to slowly expand its range of products, and target business users from different work sectors.

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