University Graduate Brews New Protein Beer

Published By : 02 Nov 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Keeping up with fitness while being in college can be rather difficult. The routine would involve eating healthy and balanced meals, working out all week, and consuming protein shakes to get the necessary nutrients. 

A 2013 University graduate believes that there is a way to simplify this challenging regime. 

Blake Konrardy graduated with a degree in statistics but over the past year, he has been working on a different idea. When he got tired of drinking beer while relaxing and protein shakes to stay fit, Blake decided to come up with a solution to combine the two. The idea for protein beer was born and Blake started working on developing the product. 
Brewtein and Nutribeer are the two products that Blake came up with. Nutribeer is a light, low calorie lager beer that has 4 grams of proteins and a slight citrus flavor. Brewtein, on the other hand, is an American wheat ale beer and has a higher caloric count with 7 grams of protein. 

When Blake first began brewing, it wasn’t a business idea. It was just something his friends could enjoy. However, he soon realized that it was a product that many people could benefit from.

Drinking has been gaining popularity year after year and so has staying fit and healthy, Blake says. He adds that even though people would think that these two could not go hand in hand, they actually do.

Blake and his college roommate Dan Bruzdzinski officially formed their company this summer and made a Kickstarter page in order to raise funds. Even though they did not reach their target of US$ 40,000 in 38 days, they managed to get just a little more than US$ 30,000.

By partnering up with current breweries, Blake said that the company will use the money to produce and distribute the protein beer.

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