United Technical Publishing Acquired by Arrow Electronics

Published By : 19 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Arrow Electronics, the well known electronics distributor announced recently that it has acquired the organization United Technical Publishing, which is a division of Hearst Business Media and also a leading provider of product info to the global industry of electronics components.

The company United Technical Publishing’s company’s portfolio includes e-newsletters, directories, inventory access tools, 16 engineering driven websites, databases which are important resources for many engineers which are involved in product design.

According to the Chief Digital Officer of the company Arrow, Matt Anderson, by merging the value-creation abilities of Arrow Electronics and the digital resources and tools in United Technical Publishing enterprises, as they are providing the global community of electronics components, which is a comprehensive set of offerings to meet their tactical information needs.

However, the company United Technical Publishing has operating in North America, Asia, and Europe and has a range of products and services which cater to over one million professionals around the world. The company caters to procurement and tactical decision makers, engineers, websites, magazines, events, forums, inventory tools and design.

The company Arrow Electronics is a worldwide provider of products, solutions, and services to commercial and industrial users of enterprise computing solutions and electronic components.
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