United States Encourages Europe to Deploy Greater Number of Peacekeepers for Global Peacekeeping Missions

Published By : 11 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Samantha Power, the UN envoy to Washington on Monday made an ardent request to the European nations to send in greater troops to the several peacekeeping missions of the United Nations. She laid emphasis on the fact that their active participation can prove to be vital in Afghanistan. Power also stated in the speech that Barack Obama, the U.S. president will be bringing together several world leaders and encourage them to actively participate in UN peacekeeping operations. 

This congregation will take place during the upcoming UN General Assembly in New York in the month of September. This speech delivered by Samantha Power had taken place in Brussels. She also expressed her opinions to a Brussels based think tank, Friends of Europe that several European nations have backed out from participating in peacekeeping operations, and that it was of utmost importance to play one’s role in such activities. The European governments should also be willing to share the financial burden facing the military sector and respond collectively to the crises that have struck the world today. 

Power also stated that less than 7% of the “Blue Helmet” UN missions included European troops, when compared to 40% almost two decades ago. This also included financial assistance from Europe as well. The situation today, however is quite worrisome and not satisfactory. Those poor and underdeveloped economies which have approximately 12% of the global population account for close to 43% of the peacekeeping operations of the United Nations. She also blamed the European nations for showing reluctance towards extending help to Rwanda and Yugoslavia that led to peacekeeping failures caused in Srebrenica at the time of war. 
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