United PV Earns 100MW Generation in China

Published By : 05 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A new power project is set to be launched in Datong, Shanxi Province. The rights for the project have been acquired by United Photovoltaics Group. It includes the developments for a 100 megawatt solar power plant with ground-mounted facilities.

The new projects are a part of the National Advanced Photovoltaic Technology Distribution Base situated in the Shanxi Province.

Six other names apart from United PV have bagged the development rights of the 100 megawatt projects. They are China General Nuclear Power Group, China Three Gorges News Energy Corporation, Datong Coal Mine Group, China Guodian Corporation, China Huadian Corporation, and Huaneng Renewables Corporation.

The National Advanced Photovoltaic Technology Demonstration Base has set a target of reaching an average capacity of 1 gigawatt in the province. This includes seven power plants that will have an average capacity of 100 megawatt for each project along with five other power plants with 50 megawatt projects on average.

Zu Zhenwei, the China merchants capital and executive director of United PV said the procurement of rights for the developments for the 100 megawatt projects in Datong, Shanxi Province, is a strong confirmation and recognition of the overall strength and capabilities of United PV.

He also added that United PV will be setting up at least one lab in the National Advanced Photovoltaic Technology Demonstration Base with TUV. The efforts are being made to further explore and promote the new model being implemented. A new road for the large scale development of the generation of solar power has been paved. They have made contributions to the solar power industry in a time span of thirteen five year plans and even beyond.
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