Unilife Amends Past Clinical Supply Agreement with Novartis for Specialized Drug Delivery Device

Published By : 25 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Unilife Corporation, a company that develops, manufactures and supplies injectable drug delivery systems, announced today that it was signing an amendment to a prior clinical supply agreement it had originally signed with the pharmaceutical giant Novartis in December 2013. According to the amendment, the company will supply clinical products from one of its injectable drug delivery models to be used with one of Novartis’ targeted drugs in the early-stage pipeline.

Under the amendment to the agreement, Unilife will provide Novartis with more batches of its custom-made injectable drug delivery devices for enabling the administration of a new investigational medicine being produced by the latter into a targeted organ over the period of an ongoing clinical trial. Unilife has given Novartis an exclusivity option under the agreement.

In the current stage of the agreement, the company Unilife will generate revenues based on the clinical product supplies. Both the companies are anticipating the collaboration will continue to support clinical development targets of the two companies and will help in the approval of the novel therapy being developed by Novartis, which will target a high prevalence disease for which no pharmacological treatments are currently available in the market.

Chief Medical Officer, Senior Vice President, General Manager, and M.D. of Unilife’s Ocular and Novel Delivery Systems division said that the collaborations of the company with Novartis for supplying a customized drug delivery device for the clinical trial of the novel therapy is continuing to progress in a favorable manner.  He added that the company is looking forward to support Novartis in the further development of the therapy, which needs a high-precision drug delivery system for enabling the accurate administration of the drug to the target organ.

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