Under Armour Sues Skechers for Copying Ads

Published By : 12 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Skechers USA has been sued by Under Armour Inc. as the latter attempts to safeguard its own content.

The sporting goods maker from Baltimore has filed a lawsuit in the Maryland U.S. District Court. Under Armour is alleging that Skechers has slavishly copied one of the most popular ads made by Under Armour that includes “Protect this house. I will” as a catchphrase.

The lawsuit was filed by Under Armour on February 10. It also says that the California based sporting goods manufacturer uses audio and visual elements along with narrative features that are extremely similar to the “Protect this House” ads. The Under Armour ads first debuted in 2010.

According to Under Armour, similarities include scenes in which athletes are climbing pegboards, jumping hurdles, boxing, and whipping ropes. The company also alleges that the Skechers commercial uses a similar soundtrack.

Under Armour has demanded a jury trial in the lawsuit and has also asked the court to order Skechers to destroy the commercial. The Baltimore company also asked for an injunction that stopped Skechers from using the commercial or even creating marketing materials that are similar to the ones made by Under Armour in the future.

Under Armour also insists on gaining actual damages, attorneys fees, and punitive damages. They also wish to seek any profits that are made by Skechers through those commercials.

This is not the first lawsuit filed by Under Armour in the recent past. The company has also filed one against Nike Inc. which was settled in the end. The most recent lawsuit filed by Under Armour was against a Florida based fishing apparel maker.
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