Under Armour Sues Salt Armour

Published By : 15 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Baltimore based surging sports apparel brand Under Armour Inc. has filed a lawsuit against the Boca Raton based Salt Armour Inc. The latter sells saltwater fishing apparel and according to Under Armour, has violated trademark rights.

The complaint filed by Under Armour says that consumers might get confused or even misled into believing that the company licenses products made by Defense Armour or Salt Armour. The two companies make fishing apparel, accessories, along with fishing and tactical gear.

Under Armour is currently one of the largest sporting consumer goods brands in the world, earning over US$3 billion per year. The company has its own expansions into fishing gear, accessories, and clothing.

The representatives for Salt Armour were not available for immediate comment.

Salt Armour, a Florida based brand, prefers to call itself a lifestyle fishing apparel brand. The company’s website reads that they have grown quickly into a multimillion dollar enterprise that is fast on the way to break all fishing industry records. The website also says that being a part of the Salt Armour team does not imply simply wearing a logo; the brand also represents the shared connection of anglers around the world who share the same love of fishing.

The lawsuit was filed by Under Armour in a Baltimore Federal Court. The lawsuit aims to stop the companies from using the names Salt Armour and Defense Armour. The company also seeks profits from the use of those names, along with damages. This also involves a US$200,000 compensation for operating the websites defensearmour.com and saltarmour.com.
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