Ultra-Fast Touchless Gesturing Marks Major Breakthrough

Published By : 04 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Elliptic Labs announced on Wednesday the release of its newest technological advances. The global leader of consumer electronic devices in terms of ultrasonic touchless gesturing revealed the Ultra fast Ultra far interaction, which promises to offer split second speed and a significantly massive area of response aimed at touchless gesturing. 

Elliptic Labs’ Ultra fast Ultra far interaction is a major breakthrough and these help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in developing cell phones and similar products that provide the easiest, fastest, and most natural interface that is presently available. Those visiting the Elliptic Labs booth Innovation Norway Pavilion at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona will be able to experience this technology live.

The ultrasonic gesture technology by Elliptic Labs has been rendered exponentially speedier, enabling devices to accurately respond just a fraction of a second later after the gesture command has been given. Apart from superior accuracy and speed, this technology can be used farther away from the mobile screen. This distance could be seven feet or two meters away, or 180 degrees surrounding the screen of a device. This renders it perfect not just for mobile gadgets but even for other markets such as appliances and automotive. 

These most recent enhancements which have been added to the ultrasound technology by Elliptic Labs allows the touchless gesture interface solution to be at the verge of cutting edge technology in the market of today, taking into consideration reactive distance, response time, and pinpoint accuracy. Let us take the example of the way in which technology will attract consumers who love taking selfies and snapping photos. Market studies show that selfies constitute a whopping 90 per cent of the total photos taken from a mobile phone. The technology will enable this function with much ease and accuracy. Another feature that will receive a boost is gaming via mobile phones which will become more immediate, accurate, and fun.
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