UKs Secy of State for Education Thinks Music Limit’s Students Future

Published By : 27 Nov 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The inclusion of the arts in education has been a matter of debate for a long time now, more so after the comments by the secretary of state for education. Nicky Morgan commented that including arts subjects in the curriculum limits a student’s career options. Morgan’s comments have been met with criticism across the region, terming them as “deeply worrying” and “ill-judged”. The comments are especially disturbing and unfounded when the truth is that music and many other creative careers have made impressive and significant contribution to the U.K.

If one takes a look at numbers available with the government itself, one will find that creative industries have contributed more than £71 billion per year to the U.K. economy. One of the major areas of concern for Morgan is employment. However, the most recent statistics published by her government reveal that within the creative industries itself there were 1.68 million jobs and that employment in this sector grew by almost 9% in one year alone. This is over 10 times more than that of the entire U.K. economy which was merely 0.7%.  

Individually, music contributed £3.8 billion to the U.K. economy. An astounding fact highlighted by culture secretary in the U.K. Sajid Javid shows that one in eight music albums sold anywhere across the globe is by a British artist. This just shows that Britain may be small in terms of population but the musicians born and created here have had an exceptional impact on the world.

Despite this, comments such as those by Morgan have been discouraging and put an enormous amount of pressure on the arts in schools.
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