U.K. Teachers Advise Students Against Energy Drinks

Published By : 07 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Teachers in the U.K. have begun warning their pupils regarding the risks involved in staying up in the night and depending on gaining energy from energy drinks before resuming school the next day.

The teachers have said that it could lead to an inevitable crash in the second half of the day.

Chris Keates, the Teachers’ Union’s leader, mentioned that a substantially large number of school staff have been raising concerns over an overuse of energy drinks.

The British Soft Drinks Association has announced that it is a teacher’s responsibility to decide what a pupil can or cannot carry into the school.

The Cardiff annual conference for the NASUWT Teachers’ Union will pay full attention to hear the warnings regarding the bad influence that energy drinks are having on the behavior of their pupils.

Most of the concerns are related to the heavy amount of caffeine and sugar intake that pupils get that disturbs their concentration strength as well as behavior in the classroom.

Ms. Keates has also said that the teachers have already warned their students about staying up late and drinking multiple cans of energy drinks in the morning to resume their daily activity. She also said that consuming these drinks in the morning causes poor concentration and hyperactivity. The pupils crash later in the day once the effects of the energy drinks have worn off.

The NASUWT leader also said that most energy drinks have become increasingly popular and the young consumer base drinks them like any other soft drink without actually being aware of the high content of stimulants in the drinks.

Gavin Partington, the director of the BSDA, said that coffees from most top high street chains contain the same or even more caffeine than common energy drinks.
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