U.K. Pork Industry Enjoying Boost in Trade on Account of Exports to China

Published By : 07 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The secretary of State for Environment, Ms. Elizabeth Truss, has announced that the global pork exports have climbed a total of 44% over the last 5 years with garnering around US$334 million per year. The pork trade with China, stated in 2012 has fuelled the British pork industry to a significant extent. Pork worth US$47 million is exported to China every year since then.

Ms. Truss was visiting Hull-based Cranswick Country Foods, the biggest pork exporter of the U.K. Talking to media, she praised the pork industry for grabbing such good opportunities for export in Chinese market, setting an example for the other segments of the U.K. food and beverage industry.

The U.K. pork industry generated US$230 million from the export across the globe in 2010, which is now standing at US$330 million, thanks to China, which is the largest international export market for the U.K. pork industry.

Ms. Truss went on a visit to China in January 2015, to discuss the chances for the expansion of British exports of pork and other products and rise in the number of British units to increase the volume of pork exported to China.

During the China visit, she also discussed the circumstances for exporting pig trotters that could bring in an additional US$115.71 million per year for the U.K. pork industry. Both the countries are discussing to figure out things over this matter.

As of now, China has become one of the fastest-growing export markets of the U.K. Products valuing more than US$432 million were exported in China in the year 2014, almost double the figure in 2010. Other significant exports from Britain are fresh fish, salmon and whisky.
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