Uber Shacks 100 Self Driving Car Operators in Pittsburg Following Arizona’s Crash

Published By : 12 Jul 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Uber has stalled its self-driving car operators in Pittsburg after the fatal accident in Arizona, earlier this year. Uber, which is provides cab services based upon on your location and preferences was keenly focused on its new project which requires no driver to run the cab.

The company held a meeting on Wednesday to promulgate its 100 autonomous drivers that their jobs were being sacked, said a source close to the matter to Quartz. The company said that it was eradicating the position of autonomous vehicle operator and have asked them to apply for different roles in Uber. The company gave an assurance in the form that those affected can still apply for the 55 new mission specialist position. The 55 new specialists’ position required specialist who are skilled on- road as well as for more advanced test-track operations. Technical feedback from these specialists is expected to help the developers for betterment.

A company’s spokesperson proclaimed that this step did not end the Uber’s driverless vehicle plans but people have to wait for a while to commute in this self-driving cabs. A woman who was walking into the street was hit by a self-driving Uber in Arizona on March 18. This is believed to be the first time a self-driving car has killed a pedestrian. This crash did welcome the company with some serious criticism regarding the pedestrians’ as well the passengers’ safety.

Uber came with the idea of self-driving car as early as 2015. The Pittsburgh mayor welcomed Uber to tests its project. These “automatic” cars were geared with 20 cameras, a GPS, seven lasers, lidar, and radar.

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