Uber Launches New Express Pool Service to Rival Bus Transit Systems

Published By : 22 Feb 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to the latest news, Uber has launched a new service called Express Pool, which acts as a cheaper option to its already existing Uber Pool service. The new system is expected to save money for passengers, who are fine with not catching a ride or getting dropped off from places which are at a distance from their current locations.

More about Express Pool Service

Simply said, Express Pool is quite similar to public bus services work. After booking a ride, a customer requests for Express Pool, and Uber receives the request. Depending on availability, Uber sends a reply back to the user to reach a specific pickup location, so that the users can walk over there. Several such users are picked up from specific locations, after which they can carpool on the way to their respective destinations.

The Express Pool service ends at a spot near the user’s destination, and this spot is fixed by the driver, thus making the user walk the remaining distance. This is exactly in contrast to the Uberpool users, who are dropped exactly at their chosen destinations. In case of Express Pool, the pickup location may vary depending on others being picked up, the direction of every traveler’s intended direction, and residual traffic present along the journey.

Express Pool will save up to 30% money for users, compared to the cost paid for Uberpool, and even be up to 75% less expensive as compared to a regular Uber ride. As per initial reports, this system is being said to be highly beneficial for people to easily walk for a quick pickup, thus not only saving their own time, but also save distance travelled by the drivers. Express Pool can also save time for both parties by the drivers choosing a pickup location away from a chaotic traffic jam, which nevertheless can be easily covered by the user by foot.

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