Uber Faces More Troubles: Freshly Banned Across Many Countries and Cities

Published By : 10 Dec 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Uber technologies Inc. has already faced a record number of legal and regulatory troubles since its launch only four years back. It seems that the pileup of troubles for the company is sought to further rise, with its existence in Indian and Californian market challenged. 

District attorneys of San Francisco and Los Angeles have sued the car-booking app yesterday over claims that the company makes false promises to customers about background checks of its drivers. This was followed by a verdict of a Spain judge that banned the company from continuing its operations in the country. 

Uber also faced another ban by the city of Portland, Oregon, earlier this week under the accusation of violating local laws. UberPop, Uber’s ride-sharing service was halted in Netherlands while Rio de Janeiro declared Uber’s services as illegal. Additionally, Uber’s services were also banned in the Indian capital city Delhi this week after one of the company’s driver was charged under the accusation of raping a passenger.

It seems that this week was heavily loaded with anti-Uber activities across distant corners of the globe. This should come as a heavy blow to the app as it had finally embarked upon a way to becoming an established transportation business after the huge competition it has faced from across the world since its establishment. 

However, the company has also observed an upswing following these developments. In the last week, the company had a valuation of nearly $40 billion and announced $1.2 billion in new funding, making the company the most valued U.S. technology startup company. 
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