UAE Announces Mars Science City as Part of Century-long Mars Colonization Plans

Published By : 04 Oct 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Space Race has taken on a new context in the last few years due to the declining importance of lunar missions and the increasing effort being put in to fuel the idea of traveling to Mars. Mars missions have become the vital objective for governmental space agencies as well as the growing private space aviation sector, where futurists such as Elon Musk have already stated plans to not only reach but colonize Mars in the coming decade.

Dubai has now joined the Mars craze by announcing its artificial Martian city. The simulation, titled Mars Science City, will depict how life on Mars could be conducted, including provisions for Martian farming and means of acquiring energy and water for human sustenance. The planners hope to attract scientific experts from across the world to collaborate in designing what would be considered one of the scientific marvels of the day. The planned city does hope to contribute to real-life travel to Mars, with the planners intending to house a team of Martian researchers within the city for up to a year to help them get acquired to the alien landscape.

Efforts to recreate a Martian environment are abundant across the world, but the growing financial might of the UAE means they all pale in comparison to what the Mars Science City could become. The city will be constructed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and sealed with the help of 3D-printed blocks comprising sand from the Emirates desert. The UAE plans to launch its first Martian probe in 2020, as part of ambitious plans to colonize the red planet within the next century.

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