U.S. Dilemma: Who Should Pay for Electric Charging Stations and Why

Published By : 21 Sep 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In the U.S. there is a deadline to increase the count of EV or electric vehicles. However, it makes more sense to build more charging stations so that people feel relaxed and no longer have the anxiety of running out of charge, with no charging station nearby. The building of charging stations will compel the sales of electric vehicles and contribute to clean and eco-friendly cars. However, officials in a few states feel that allowing the utility sector to build more charging stations will force all electricity consumers to pay for a service, which they are not even using! For, only a few comparatively affluent people are making use of this service and it may be unfair for other customers who are not using the service, to pay for it.  

Should Charging Stations be Built for Boosting Market for Electric Cars (EV)?

Most people owing electric cars are in California the state’s largest utilities have approved the building of thousands of charging stations at apartment complexes, workplaces, and public locations. However, this year, Kansas, Michigan, and Missouri have decided to turn down the request of building charging stations with the money from customers. They want the private sector to invest in the EV market. These different outcomes pose a question as to whether charging stations be built so as to boost the market for electric cars and if yes then who should pay for them. In Kentucky, utilities are charging only those customers for building charging stations, who are actually using the service.

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