Two New Exoplanets Discovered with the Help of Artificial Intelligence

Published By : 15 Dec 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Scientists from NASA have recently discovered two new exoplanets, planets that orbit outside the solar system. Neutral network, a machine learning technique, has been used for the said discovery. Artificial Intelligence has played an important role in the discovery of these two new Exoplanets.

Neutral Network Together with AI to Power Search of Exoplanets

Discovery of planets outside our solar system is not an uncommon occurrence. Kepler Space Telescope is used to spot such planets in the universe. It has been used this time as well along with artificial intelligence to make a discovery of these two exoplanets.  

The planets have been named Kepler-8Og and Kepler-9Oi. Of these, the planet named 9Oi has been of particular interest to the scientists because the discovery makes the number of planets orbiting the particular star becomes eight now which is similar to our own solar system. The average temperature on the planet Kepler -9Oi is quite high at 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Neutral Networks refer to a software that makes a learning from data unlike other softwares that have had rules programmed onto it. The software has many achievements such as it powers Facebook’s translation of language, image recognition of Google Photos, and FaceID system in the recently launched iPhone X.

Google’s senior software engineer, Christopher Shallue, at Google AI said that in recent times neutral networks have become extremely versatile and have proven to be successful in addressing a wide variety of issues.

Astronomers use various tools like telescopes to look for planets, exoplanets or other bodies that exist in the universe. Artificial Intelligence has been helping the researches with its capability of labelling huge amount of data. In this case, the neutral network has been trained about the usage of some 15,000 labelled signals that had been obtained from the Kepler Space Telescope.

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