Twitter Tests Subscription Plan of US$99 for Tweet Promotion

Published By : 31 Jul 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Twitter is in the process to test a subscription plan, which, when implied, will charge US$99 per user per month to promote premium tweets to strangers’ timelines. Currently, this plan is in an ‘invite only’ mode. On Friday, July 27, 2017, Twitter posted a blog, in which, it stated that this new program will do the heavy lifting for its premium user instead of them creating and optimizing individual Twitter Ads campaigns by themselves.

According to the blog post, “users are just required to continue with their regular primary activities, that is, tweeting links, media, and updates, that they want to share with a larger base of audience. Immediately after tweeting, the promotion of their tweets will be automated.” The main objective of this plan is to help people and small brands, who are looking for significant growth and are willing to shell out money for social media promotions, to reach a wider base of audience.

Since the Q1 2017, Twitter has not added a single user, which is reflected in its revenue. In the Q2 2017, it posted US$574 mn in revenues, which is a 5% decline year on year (YoY). As of now, Twitter has more than 300 mn monthly active users (MAUs). In spite of the hindered rise in the user base, Twitter is exploring ways of innovation to open new revenue streams, since, in terms of promoted tweets, the social media platform is witness a tremendous increase. In the first quarter of 2017, it streamed over 800 hours of live premium videos from more than 450 events, reaching nearly 45 mn viewers.

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