Twitter Helps People with Speech Disabilities to Share Thoughts

Published By : 25 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Popular social networking website Twitter according to recent scientific studies, is helping people with speech disabilities share their feelings and information. 

While for many the 140 character limit makes it difficult to express emotions on Twitter, a group researchers from Australia said that the social networking website can actually help people with communication disabilities to express. 

A recent research conducted by the University of Newcastle indicates that Twitter is a significant tool for adults with speaking disabilities from traumatic brain injury, stroke, autism, cerebral palsy, and motor neurone disease. 

Bronwyn Hemsley, the lead researcher and Associate Professor in Newcastle University observed that a majority of people with speaking disability who are using assistive technologies are already familiar with how to make their communication succinct and precise, and therefore are flourishes on Twitter, as reported by 

Prof. Hemsley said that people with partial or no functional speech often come across listeners who either try to speak on their behalf or finish sentences they speak. Hence, they have grown used to crafting short messages. In many ways Twitter emerges as their playing field for such people, liberating them from stereotypes and allowing self-advocacy, she said. 

The second phase of the study will focus to analyze the benefits of online Twitter training, what experiences people with communication disabilities have with Twitter over a period of six months, and how the networks develop.

The researcher said that while for a majority of people the 140 character limit of Twitter is a major constraint to expressing their thought, people with speaking disabilities have for long known how to communicate in lesser words. It is not a struggle for these individuals to express their emotions, feelings, and thoughts in fewer words, since they already know how to express them in just a few words. 
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