Twitter Creates New Techniques to Battle Trolls

Published By : 16 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

If social media has become an integral part of modern life, so have trolls. Unsavory and sometimes even out-an-out abusive trolls make life hell for its users. To tackle the issue, micro-blogging giant Twitter revamped its strategies by leveraging behavioral signals. It would enable it to uncover harassers on the platform and then effectively control the visibility of their tweets.

The step was warranted by the concern that such personal attacks were forcing users to abandon their handles. Twitter, headquartered in San Francisco, already prohibits abuse and has the facility to block or suspend offenders in case if a user reports it. Users also have the option to mute those they think are offensive or annoying.

Test Revealed Some Decrease in Abuse Reports

Jack Dorsey, chief executive of Twitter informed that they would now attempt to sort problematic accounts by studying how many times users tweet about accounts that do not follow them. Twitter would also examine if those users have confirmed their email ids.

Tweets from accounts of such users will show up at a place lower in particular areas. Those include results of searches or answers to tweets, even if the tweets have not violated any rules. However, the tweets would not be taken off completely depending upon behavioral signals, added Dorsey.

So far in the tests conducted, the new technique brought down abuse reports by almost 4% on the basis of search results. There was a decrease of about 8% in abuse reports from conversation threads in replies to tweets.

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