Treatt to Start a New Applications Center in the UK

Published By : 15 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

As per Treatt, a U.K. based beverage company, innovation is a major driving force behind the success of the beverage industry. This also leads to high inclination of consumers to try out new things in the market. Treatt, which supplies flavor ingredients, will soon be establishing a beverage applications facility in its U.K. head office. This center which also includes a brewing and sensory center will be situated in the area of Bury St Edmunds. 

Treatt produces different sorts of flavors from a host of beverages including craft beers, aerated drinks, and fruit juices. Treatt’s group CEO has expressed innovative steps in the global beverage industry happens to be a positive development not only for brands but even for consumers in the market. One of the best things about the beverages industry is the introduction of innovation. Innovation, in the beverages market forms the basis for greater market growth opportunities. 

According to the CEO, the open mindedness in consumers to trying out newer things is what drives innovation in this global market. In addition to changing consumer tastes and preferences, health and wellness trends also play a vital role in driving the beverages market. The latest application center that is being developed in the U.K. will enable Treatt and the customers of Treatt to try out newer combinations, carry out taste trials, and also help in the formulation of blends. 

Even though the concept of innovation is something that drives the global beverages market, it happens to be a very challenging aspect of market growth. This is because this industry is marked by stiff competition wherein the players should be able to offer something different from what the competitors are offering in the market. 
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