Travis Kalanick to Begin Second Inning, Introduces New Fund to Support Startups

Published By : 09 Mar 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Travis Kalanick, Uber’s co-founder and former CEO, is all set to begin his second inning after nine months of his expulsion from the one of the most valued startups in the world. Kalanick has rolled out a new fund for his personal capital investments in for-profit works, not-for-profit works, and startups. He has been working towards his new inning over the last few months and is said to have made several investments, working with a number of companies and engaging with various entrepreneurs and into non-profit activities. According to sources, a large portion of the investments from this fund, named as 10100 (Ten-One-Hundred) will be committed to the innovations in India and to support Indian startups.

Kalanick recently tweeted that the over-arching theme will be in relation with large-scale job creation and investments in the real estate segment. The E-commerce ecosystem and the emergent innovation in India and China will also be taken care of considerably. The non-profit efforts of the fund will initially concentrate on education and the future of the cities. The fund is according to Kalanick’s belief that Beijing, San Francisco, and Bangalore continue to be the main innovation hubs across the world and these are the places where he will be making his bets. The fund will lookout for innovative business models. The former CEO of Uber has made angel investments in a number of startups, worldwide so far, including social media platform Blippy, software firm Pantheon, medical startup Kareo, and online artwork community Deviant Art.

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