Tracking Cattle Easier with Introduction of Drones in Agriculture

Published By : 10 Sep 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Gone are the days when farmers had to travel across their huge acres of farmland to check on crop levels, water troughs, animal health, and fences. With advancement in technology, farmers can now keep a check on their farms with the help of drones unlike their quad bikes or trucks. Drones are no more just for big techno enthusiasts who used it for business purposes. Drones have started to make their way into the defense and military world with application benefits such as for bomb detections, surveillance, air strikes, weather forecasting, disaster management, and safety inspections. Now it has made its entrance into the agricultural field.

Leisure Time for those who work in Acres, not Hours

Drones gives a much better picture of ground activities and can also help to move stock from one place to another. A specialized camera system that can measure photosynthesis to give crop farmers, especially fruit farmers,  the advantage of sensing sign of disease in their plantations, if any. In the beginning drones were just being used to check the fences but later proved to be useful to check on animals as well.

However, to offset the advantage of luxury that drones provide to the farming community, there may be certain consequences. A lecturer from Waikato University states that the new technology may have unwelcome and unexpected consequences. Welfare activists, the ones who break into piggeries and dairy sheds to install hidden cameras, can also use drones for conducting surveillance of farms, leading to breach of privacy. Technology, on the other hand may allow unethical spying with minimum or absolutely no chances of being caught, adding to disadvantage of the use of drones in agriculture.

Apart from drones, the implantation of biometrics on farm animals is also newly introduced in agriculture and farming. Animals are equipped with devices that can keep track of their health and this tracker can give signals to farmer’s mobile phone informing about any unusual activity instantly. It is said that science is a way of thinking much more than just the body of knowledge. Who knew that such a technologically advanced device would ease the life of farmers!

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