Top Four Advances in User-Friendly Home Security Solutions

Published By : 15 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Privacy and security are key concerns in residential societies owing to rising thefts and robberies. A number of efforts for home securing have been taken for ensuring safety even when owners aren’t present in their homes. These systems include armed patrols, 24 hour manned security gates, and perimeter monitoring systems. Customers are willing to invest in the new, highly advanced security services and solutions owing to increasing crime rate. 

Following are the four emerging innovative options in home security that are a must for homeowners:

  • Integrated Audio and Vibration Sensors: In order to solve the problem of sensitive vibration sensors that may at times trigger false alarms, a number of security companies have developed ways for adding and integrating audio sensors inside the systems, having the capability of knowing the difference between common household voices and noises that may occur during a break-in. 
  • Wireless Security systems:  These systems are extremely easy and convenient to install and do not require any drilling in the wall for installation. These systems are portable, cheaper, and stand as a good option for people staying on rent as they can be moved to a new place easily. They do not need a landline for its operation and can be brought without the requirement of signing a contract with a service of alarm monitoring. 
  • Self-Monitoring Systems: This is an emerging trend within mobile technology and allows money saving while keeping the place secure and safe. A text or an email is sent by this systems to the homeowner and this way notifies the owner of anything that has set the alarm.  If the situation looks too suspicious, these systems may also give a call to the police directly.
  • Video Technology: Installation of video cameras in the premises was a costly affair in the past, but nowadays companies have manufactured economical video security systems place at multiple locations in the house. The cameras can be monitored via a smartphone or a computer. Things such as the person ringing the doorbell or a loud noise or anything suspicious seen in the house can be monitored via these systems. 

Thus, the hindrance of getting started with cutting-edge home security solutions has become relatively lower in recent times. These new advanced home security solutions will further augment the growth of the market in the coming years.  

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