Top Developments and Trends in Baby Diapers, Advent of Neuromarketing on Top of the List

Published By : 26 Feb 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The global baby diapers market is fuelled by the increasing urbanization and the rising birth rate. In addition, the rising awareness on sanitation and hygiene is also a key factor propelling the baby diapers market.  A number of cutting-edge opportunities and techniques have emerged, particularly in the emerging economies owing to changing consumer preference and dynamics.

The prime developments and trends in the market for baby diapers have been elaborated as under:

  • Advent of Neuromarketing: Advertising and marketing executives will continue fine tuning their messaging in order for them to retain and reach the attention of buyers and consumer products’ loyalty, particularly in swift turnover groups including baby diapers. For instance, within the U.S. market, the advertising for top brands for infant and newborn diapers stress upon the softness and quality of diapers. In the same way, stress on large-sized diapers and absorbency is also given for growing babies.
  • Material and Diaper Performance Trends: As is observed by a number of advertising messages, the top brands have prioritized on the leakage/absorbency protection, fit performance, and softness of diapers. Non-woven suppliers will be challenged for delivering cost competitive fabrics having particular aesthetic properties and functional performance needed for every type of non-woven component within state of art diapers.  In addition, Ultra-cushioning ad soft non-woven having distinctive patterns are demanded. 
  • Supply Chain Risk Reduction: In the last some years, the manufacturers of diapers have raised their efforts of working in collaboration with their top suppliers in order to analyze and make strategies for reducing supply chain risk of shortages of materials and volatility in prices owing to disruptions by the rising natural disasters and industrial accidents, and shortages owing to changes in infrastructure demand/supply within upstream materials.

Other Trends in the Market: Within mature markets, particularly in the U.S., customers demanded large-sized diapers. Keeping that in mind, Procter & Gamble’s Pampers Cruisers diapers have been introduced in size range of approximately 7 for babies weighing up to 19 kg. In addition, in November 2013, the government of China modified their only-child policy, which was earlier established for stopping the growth of population. Now the policy will allow couples, which have a single parent with no siblings to opt for a second child. This change is predicted to impact approximately 5.8% of the population of China.

Hence, the above mentioned trends and developments are poised to impact the market positively in the coming years. In addition, a number of manufacturers of diapers have implemented cutting-edge marketing programs as well as aggressive strategies for expansion which will further boost the market.

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