Top Benefits and Counting, 5G to Outpace LTE Technology

Published By : 06 Jun 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

5G technology is gaining a lot of traction and a number of regions are looking forward to deploying 5G as soon as possible. It is because this technology is less power consuming and is bound to complement the LTE technology in forthcoming years. The technology of 5G is poised to come into existence by 2020 and will be deployed extensively globally. The technology will feature a swift growth and will bring in an economic and social advantage to its users and will make mobile phones even more significant in the coming years. 

The top 2 benefits of 5G technology have been elaborated as follows:

  • 5G to Feature Continuous Connectivity: The technology of 5G is predicted to bring in a wide range of solutions such as continuous connectivity and enhanced security. Owing to a number of similar upgrades, the market for 5G technology is predicted to develop an uninterrupted ground for numerous services in categories such as that of Internet of Things (IoT), e-health, and smart homes, among others.
  • Introduction of 8K and 4K HD Videos: The launch of 5G will also introduce HD videos of 8K and 4K configured with functionality of watching 3D even on portable devices. In addition, a number of new features will be added to 3D gaming having new virtual reality experiences at low prices. The 5G technology is also predicted to enhance spectrum sharing, millimeter wave, M2M/IoT, multiple-input and multiple output (MIMO), and device-centric and application-centric architectures. 

Though, the 5G technology isn’t defined as of now for deployment within mobile phones, still there are a number of investments taking place within the 5G technology. These investments will augment the growth of the 5G technology market in the coming years.  It has been found that countries such as that of South Korea and many more are willing to invest a huge amount of money for the R&D into 5G networks. Even top companies are doing their groundwork of planning. For instance, Google has announced its agenda to develop and design SkyBender, solar-powered drones, which will function on the 5G network.

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