Top 3 Developments in Sports Nutrition: Proteins to Stay on Top

Published By : 31 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The sports nutrition market has been primarily fuelled by the rising health concerns of obesity and the increasing awareness on physical appearance globally. The upsurge of new consumer bases such as lifestyle and recreational users have been increasingly targeted by the manufacturers of sports nutrition. Manufacturers are launching innovative products to cater to the growing needs of consumers, depending on their preferences and tastes. The rising product accessibility via conventional mass market channels such as hypermarkets and supermarket convenience stores and other online channels have supported the demand for sports nutrition products. The industry for sports nutrition is experiencing an exponential growth in a broad spectrum of markets unlike a number of consumer-packaged goods. 

The prime developments seen in the market are as follows:

  • Flocking of Mass Consumers: The increasing consumption of protein considered as a super-nutrient stimulated by the recommendation from practitioners and pharmacists and the increasing urgency of increased fitness and activity levels for staying fit has changed the mindset of consumers. This is why consumers are highly inclined towards gyming and other sports activities. Hence, a large number of producers are taking various steps to improve sports nutrition by introducing new products.
  • Protein to Stay on Top of List: Protein products stand as a king talking in terms of sales within the sports nutrition market. The ingredient preferences may vary market to market but in general, protein has benefitted immensely in the recent years and has emerged as the top ubiquitous ingredient.
  • Non-Protein Products may Grow if Preferences Change: Non-protein products are being demanded owing to the growing need for pre-workout products, wherein some carbohydrate and other type of food intake is recommended by specialists. On the other hand, the unfamiliar ingredients and the increasing dubious suppliers in the market have decelerated the demand for non-protein products. The segment might grow if consumers’ preferences change as some non-protein products do hold some scientific standing

Thus, the sports nutrition market will encounter stable growth especially within business-friendly markets, which are lucrative markets for prime players to invest in. However, factors such as the use of controversial ingredients including steroids and the presence of numerous health alternatives can come up as major challenges for the sports nutrition market in forthcoming years.

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