To Favor Green, Lego May Ditch Plastic

Published By : 25 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Lego building blocks which is iconic, both for the brand name and product may soon abandon plastic. The Danish toy making company said it was looking into alternative materials that are environmentally sustainable and may lower the carbon emissions of the company. The initiative will involve investment worth US$150 million, with the company planning of hiring 100 employees for the new Lego Sustainable Materials Centre.

Lego commented whatever material may be used will not impact the safety and quality standards of the product. The plan is towards the company’s larger initiative to reduce its carbon foot print in the environment, and leave the planet sustainable for the coming generations. Above 60 billion Lego blocks were produced in 2014.

The initiative is a major move of the LEGO group towards achieving ambition on sustainable materials by 2030, as commented by CEO and president of Lego Group. He further said, that the company in adopting measures to reduce carbon foot print and take initiatives for a greener, sustainable environment. To do so, the company has reduced its packaging size and has introduced FSC certified packaging and has also invested in offshore wind farming project. The next move is geared towards focusing on materials.

Lego has making use of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) since the 1960s, as per Plastics News, the trade publication. The plastic manufacturing system of the company is massive, with over 5,000 molds being in operation on over 1,000 injection molding machines in manufacturing units spread across Denmark, Hungary, and Mexico.

Currently, a Lego manufacturing unit is under construction in China for the growing demand in Asia from children and their families. 

The effort to replace plastic with sustainable material initiated few years ago, with announcement coming in 2012 from Lego to find alternative material.
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