Tizen Disappoints India with First Impressions

Published By : 22 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The first smartphone run made by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. with its own operating system received poor scores in its India launch. Reviewers and consumers alike are complaining about the software’s problems, which include low quality inbuilt camera app and a lack of software applications.

The South Korean electronics giant released its latest handset which by itself, fails to stand out among consumers. The device is low on specifications, but hosts Tizen, the operating system that Samsung developed to challenge the Android platform by Google.

With regards to the third largest smartphone market in the world, Samsung hopes to gain larger grounds through its Z1. A success could help it boost an otherwise lagging sales demand. The OS is expected to be used greatly by low budget users and first time smartphone buyers.

Since the product’s launch on January 14, initial reactions by analysts, reviewers, and consumers have been pouring in. They all point to the possibility that the Z1 has an uphill task of reaching to the top of the ladder.

The Indian smartphone market is already led by Samsung, but its lead it losing slowly, while second place competitor Micromax Informatics Ltd. gains new grounds. The country’s market includes almost 280 different smartphones, which makes the Z1’s task all the more difficult.

Filmmaker Samir Ahmed Sheikh commented on the phone’s release, saying that Samsung had already delayed the release of the phone and its OS for a long time. Now that it has been released, users will find that the OS is largely underpowered.

An IDC analyst said that while the phone’s extremely low price tag could add to its appeal, the phone has to fight against a range of low cost phones in the market.
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