Tinder to launch its Video Feature - Tinder Loops for iPhone Users

Published By : 05 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Tinder has announced that it will launch its video based feature in its testing mode in this week. This feature will be available to users in Canada and Sweden for the time being, and will be made available to other regions gradually too.

Tinder Loops Expected To Be Highly Lucrative

Depending on how users respond to the feature, with the hope of being positively accepted, the feature would be released in the other regions. The feature is not designed to be like a proper video, rather, it would mostly be like a shorter GIF-like looping video, which is already quite popular on other apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The videos are expected to be just about 2 seconds long, and can be added to the users’ profiles.

Tinder decided to test videos mainly as they depict more of the user’s personalities, thereby increasing the chances of being liked, or right-swiped. Users do not necessarily have to show off themselves in a plain way. Coupling a video take with favorite activities or hobbies can make the users look more interesting.

According to Brian Norgard, the Chief Product Officer at Tinder, the addition of Tinder Loops is an important step to make the app look more evolved and on par with other prominent social media apps. He further said that users can express themselves better with the help of these videos, thus being able to form a good impression on those checking them out and vice versa.

To turn on the new feature, iOS users need to go to their profile, and select ‘add media’ button in order to add a video. After the video has been selected, users can adjust the time duration to restrict their desired section, consequently looping it. Users can also preview their added videos, before posting to their profiles, in case any changes are required.

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