Three More Macs with House-made Apple Chips to Launch Reportedly

Published By : 30 Jan 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

By the end of 2018, Apple has planned to install its own custom processors inside approximately three more Macs. A recent report has disclosed that the chips will appear in a new desktop and updated laptops. However, no details about the usage of the chips have been given out yet. This could be the company’s initial phase of manufacturing house-made chips for the Mac, although it has been involved in the manufacture of custom chips for its wearables, tablets, and phones.

The company had its humble beginning in 2016 when a chip was used to run the advanced MacBook Pro’s Touch ID and Touch Bar. However, in December 2017, a custom chip had been installed in the iMac Pro that could manage encryption, camera processing, audio, and other things.

More Apple-made Chips Making Way into Mac to Uplift Company’s Future

The increased usage of Apple’s own chips for the Mac could mean that the company need not wait for long on other companies to implement the desired requirements. It could also allow the company to facilitate a deeper software and hardware integration. Most importantly, the company could use its own chips as the core processor for the Mac. In this regard, the Mac has been expected to witness larger things for its future.

Apple has demonstrated its ability to outperform its rivals from the fact that it could create its own processors. However, replacing Intel-made chips inside the Mac may not be that easy for the company, so the replacement has been anticipated to not take place anytime soon.

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